Reviews bring visitors to your business. Messages keep them coming back.

Communicate with potential customers, send text newsletters, collect payments-all through text messaging.

How Conversely can help the Fashion and Beauty Industry

Stay Social

Keep all your brand's social media in one place soyou can easily post updates or new product releases on all social media platforms with one click. Stay connected with your current customers and gain new ones with quick and easy posts to Facebook,lnstagram, etc.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

Create and schedule text campaigns for "Customer Trend Surveys" or other feedback you need in real-time. Stay internally connected with your squad as well to keep workflow at a maximum. In need of an assistant? Hire Conversely chatbot to focus to respond to requests while you focus on making your brand stand out.

Stay Connected

Connect with customers using live chat to answer any questions while they shop or after they submit their order. You can also send messages across social, text, or email platforms all from one place so you can chat with the customer even if they never check their inbox.

Fashion and Beauty Tool Tips

At Conversely, our emergency fashion and beauty tool kit is at your fingertips for every need.

Social Integration

Our integration with social media for general communication and custom chatbots allows you to manage your brand from one place. We also integrate with Zapier to pull in other software or tools you may need to keep in the loop.


Avoid repetitive messaging andimprove team productivity with Templates that notify customers thatan orderhas been shipped, aproduct is back in stock, or a new promo is available.

Dynamic Fields

Use Dynamic Fields in bulk campaigns to target customers by name and preferences, sparking their interest and increasing open and conversion rates.

Easy to use Conversely for Fashion and Beauty

Accelerate Team Productivity

Maximize the time your team spends with customers through texting.

Enhance your Text Campaigns

Stand out with messages including rich media like images, videos, GIFs, and PDFs to get a quick reply

Leave No Customer Behind

Easily have conversation with customers to help build loyalty and improve service

Message More Effectively

Improve brand messaging with personalized conversations

Increase Engagement

With a 98% read rate and 40% response rate, texting  ensures your messages are received.

Communicate Faster

Reach customers and teams up to 10x faster than phone or email.

The Value of 1:1 Conversations

Send campaigns or 1:1 messages. 1:1 conversations drive satisfaction.

Efficiency with Automation

Use Keywords to generate automated text responses providing on-demand information

Track Effectiveness

Track texting analytics to identify best practices and top performers.

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