Accelerate Your Revenue With Virtual Selling and Service

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Benjamin Kinnett
October 22, 2021
1:57 am

Revenue is the life-blood of any business. However, in order to accelerate your revenue, you need to make sure your customer is happy with the product and user experience offered. These days, reviews and word of mouth make or break revenue goals, and a positive communication flow can get you good reviews. That’s why service matters—perhaps just as much— as the product you’re selling.

One clear message learned from sales data and trends, is that for sales the future is a virtual sales floor. 

In a 2020 survey by top management consulting company McKinsey, only 20% of business-to-business buyers hoped to return to traditional, in-person sales.

This stark reality is better appreciated by the fact that even industries that relied on the outside,sales-rep style model like pharmaceutical companies, share the same sentiment.

Safety is one of the reasons, amidst the pandemic. But businesses have also realized virtual selling has other advantages that make work easier and potentially save them money. Two factors stand out;

●       Ease of scheduling.

●       Cost-cutting on travel expenses.

Virtual selling and service are not likely to be mere blips on the radar or passing fads, they’re here to stay. According to CNBC, employers expect nearly 2 in 5 employees will still be working remotely at the end of 2021, compared with 57% who work remotely now

So how can your business thrive in the emerging remote workspace? 

One way is by identifying the pain points and challenges of operating in a virtual ecosystem and looking at ways of navigating those pain points.

The Pain Points of Virtual Selling and Service

Keeping Up With the Market

Marketing evolved from the notion that customers were “outside in,” and hence to reach them, sales representatives were to go out and look for them, literally. However, that outside model of sales is being upended by the transition to the virtual workspace.

And though, as CNBC states, the seismic shift does vary by industry, any business operating with an “outside in” strategy may face a significant challenge locating, reaching out, and engaging its core market.

Inadequacy of Technological Tools

Let’s take the case of softphones. They’ve been hailed for long as a must-have in the virtual workspace. But they are inadequate and fall woefully short of fully meeting the demands of a remote workplace.

While they can be a good option or add-on, they are really not complete advancements in the virtual work space. This is due to the fact that customers don’t want to be contacted just by a phone call anymore. 

Challenges of Communication and Building Relationships

Perhaps the most challenging pain point for businesses as they move to the virtual workspace is how to maintain effective team and customer communication in the absence of face-to-face meetings.

How can you ensure your in-house virtual team communicates and collaborates effectively and at the same time, engage your clients without meeting them physically? 

Luckily, Conversely can help. 

How Conversely Can Help Overcome the Pain Points of Virtual Selling and Service

Conversely's a convenient and easy-to-use tool that pulls together other tools into one for easy collaboration and connecting with your customers.

It contains features to enable your business to overcome the pain points of virtual selling. Here’s how your business can benefit from using Conversely.

Convenient Communication With Your Customers

Text Messaging

While emails have always been good at getting the job done in business for communication studies are showing text messaging is substantially taken over the business communication method.

Here are the statistics.

Yet there are even more exciting business SMS statistics as shown below.

SMS marketing has huge potential to accelerate revenue. As can be seen above, 75% of customers are practically inviting businesses to market their products to them!

Our Conversely SMS product has a feature that enables you to send and receive files—at no extra cost to you

It enables you to attach documents, emojis, and pictures to your text messages. With this feature, you’ll not have to endure the frustrating process of attaching a brochure or an advert to an email that has a 78% chance of not being opened.

Our Conversely SMS product also has:

●       Scheduling Capabilities: Automates SMS delivery to your customers on special occasions. 

●       Dynamic Field Feature: Facilitates bulk campaigns which target customers by name and preferences.

●       Click To Dial Feature: Allows users to seamlessly switch from SMS messaging to voice calls with one click.

●       Contact Feature: Enables customer identity hence facilitates the provision of a more personalized service. 


Analysts predict that chatbots will eventually dominate the virtual business landscape in terms of the preferred channels of communication. They are great tools for scheduling customer appointments and providing customer support

Live Chats

These can help you connect your customers with your sales or support team—all online.


Video is becoming a huge game-changer. Consider that almost70% of consumers cite video as their preferred medium of learning about a product.

Grow Your Business

Alt-text: Internal chat in Conversely

Has a customer abandoned their cart at checkout? Send them a text and include a mobile coupon. The coupons have a QR code and are fully customizable. Additionally, you get detailed analytics on how every user interacts with your offer.

Conversely also brings all the communication media together, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and integrations with various platforms like collaboration tools to ease management and ensure your customers don’t miss important updates.

Additionally, it comes with a reporting system that provides detailed analytics of each campaign, message, link, and coupon, giving you useful insights, you can use to scale.

Optimize Your Services

Conversely allows you to optimize your service delivery through;

●       Automation of customer feedback process, enduring every feedback is directed to the relevant agent to resolve.

●       Improving collaboration and service delivery by integrating your sales and marketing tools into Conversely.

●        Providing customer support, scheduling appointments, and consultations through chatbots.

●       Loyalty rewards program to boost customer retention 

Ready To Accelerate Your Revenue? Try a Demo

Most businesses are not thriving in remote work because they are stuck with tools that cannot facilitate rapid growth and progress.

When you consider that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first, you definitely want to be in this group.

But you can only do it with tools that are versatile, efficient, and effective. Our products can help you communicate and collaboratively engage across several platforms, including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Live Chat, or Google. 

So get in touch with us today and try a demo. You may want to discover why we are the supplier of choice to hundreds of companies that are successful in virtual selling.

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