Exceed Revenue Goals with Business Messaging

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Benjamin Kinnett
October 22, 2021
1:57 am

It's no secret that marketers are always looking for new, innovative ways to engage with customers. With the rise of the internet and social media, it has never been easier to talk to customers.

However, there are new Intelligent Tools and Smart Chatbots that are more exciting and effective than ever before… and Conversely has them.

But before you learn how Conversely can help businesses surpass their revenue goals, you may be wondering what it is.

What Is Conversely?

Conversely is an intelligent messaging platform that provides brands with automated customer service agents powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The bots can learn from each conversation to provide personalized responses and be programmed with predefined templates based on common questions or concerns.

Overall, the communication platform allows you and your team to connect with customers via various channels

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Apple Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • Google
  • And more  

It incorporates Intelligent Tools and Smart Chatbots to help brands communicate more efficiently and effectively. This means that organizations do not have to manage two (or more) separate channels. Instead, the user can use whichever messaging platform they and their customer prefer to communicate.

How Can It Help Achieve Revenue Goals?

A new revenue-driven campaign is no easy feat, but Conversely text messaging can help you accomplish this goal with ease.

The messaging platform offers a variety of tools to ensure your business communication runs smoothly at all times. The SMS marketing tool, Facebook, and WhatsApp integration allows users to reach customers for real-time updates on things like:  

  • Online order statuses
  • Policy updates  
  • Approvals or follow ups
  • Promotions or sales  
  • And more  

That said, Conversely allows you to talk to your customers anytime, anywhere through the platform they prefer.

Messaging Apps Are the Most Used Mobile Apps

Research shows that 23 billion messages are sent worldwide daily. That means 270,000 messages are sent every second around the globe. And this is why most businesses look into connecting with customers via messaging apps to boost revenue.

Conversely offers brands a way to interact with consumers at their convenience, while providing valuable information and assistance in the process. Whether it’s a question as they review your website or Facebook page, or a customer support issue as they work through their account Conversely can help you, help them.  

Does your revenue goal depend on getting new prospects into the pipeline or retaining new customers? Either way, this platform can help you surpass your revenue goals by connecting directly with your prospect and customer base to get them the information they need immediately.  

It removes communication lag time and all the frustration that comes with it - from your side and theirs.  

Manage Your Text Messaging Program on the Go

Businesses that text message their customers need to be able to communicate with them on the go and at the drop of a hat. However, traditional SMS marketing platforms can make it difficult for you to manage your messaging campaign as needed. You won’t rely only on a desktop app, partake in a complicated software text creation process, and then wait on approvals or scheduling issues.  

Conversely allows brands and businesses of all sizes to send messages from a mobile phone or desktop computer. This provides users with total control over what they want to send and when they want to send it without the hassle of a complicated system.

Plus you can use Conversely’s free mobile app on virtually all platforms, including Android and Apple devices.

Multiple-User Support

If you want to send messages on your own or sign up for additional brands or team members under one account, this feature will help you do so effortlessly and effectively. With the ability to create unique logins, you can also easily customize permissions based on your business and customers' needs.

Ultimate Team Collaboration and Development

With Conversely, you can easily develop your team's skills and collaborate in one place with the development tools provided. The entire process is more efficient for everyone involved. You'll save time on training new hires while also avoiding multiple logins that could lead to mistakes or delays.

A team can use the development tools to create personalized training programs, track their progress, and share updates with others in real-time.

Schedule Customer Appointments

Scheduling appointments is an essential part of the customer and client journey. However, many companies struggle with scheduling appointments because their customers are not available at certain times or on specific days.

Conversely uses chatbots to allow users to schedule appointments based on your availability and theirs. This seamless integration takes the friction out of scheduling resulting in less dropped leads or annoyed customers.

Text to Vote and Surveys, Conversations, and Requests

Conversely’s text marketing platform can be used as a way of engaging your audience by asking them questions or encouraging voter participation in various forms like surveys, votes, and polls. Are you looking to improve your customer service, software, policies, or just curious how your client are doing? This feature will make your customer feel heard.  

Automating Customer Feedback Processes

You no longer have to dedicate staff hours or money for a dedicated project manager just so they can get in touch with clientele and ask them how things are going. Chatbots gather in-depth customer insights and can even automate the feedback process for you.

Conversely messaging platform can help you create and manage campaigns and track results in real-time. This allows brands to communicate more efficiently with customers while surpassing their revenue goals.

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