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Benjamin Kinnett
October 22, 2021
1:57 am

Creating a powerful sales program is an integral element of any business that wants to succeed, especially in a post-pandemic virtual business world. As you may already know, one of the best techniques for engaging leads and turning them into clients and keeping clients engaged is text marketing. But how do all different types of businesses take advantage of text marketing past just an ecommerce promo code text?

Many businesses focus on email marketing as a method to communicate with their clients, and that still stands true as effective. However, over 89% of clients want to SMS their top brands. Text messaging enables your clients to get in touch with you anytime they wish, anywhere they wish. Now that the world is opening back up, we are on the go but still used to quarantine-type focus from companies.  Because many clients want to engage your brand through messaging and SMS, it’s critical to consider all forms of text communication as a prime solution for your business.  

Text messaging is not longer just marketing, it’s also for customer retention, online prospecting, and simple top of mind messaging. It’s a proven sales strategy across many different industries.  

3 Proven Text Message Sale Strategies  

  1. SMS

There are multiple advantages of using SMS communication as a marketing strategy. For example, SMS is prompt, affordable, global reach, and trackable.

The SMS solution by Conversely allows your staff to relay text messages from our mobile app or web platform. You can use your company's number to converse with clients through SMS or texting from your phone. Conversely provides numbers for all your team members, each business line, and for all your media. Through our SMS portal, you can launch bulk SMS promotions, be in touch with your workers, or send reminders for clients to pay you. Conversely, the SMS solution has the following features:

Dynamic Fields: the feature helps to send personalized messages to multiple individuals. Also, through this feature, you can target clients by name and their preferences. And this not only arouses their interests but improves conversion rates.

  • Click-to-Dial: with a single click, you can smoothly move from SMS messaging to voice calls. And this enables your company to adapt to the various preferences of clients.
  • Templates: they help to enhance the productivity of your team and remove repetitive communications. For example, the templates can inform customers when their order is shipped, a new promo, etc.  
  • Scheduler: Whether you wish to do a follow-up or inform clients about upcoming campaigns, you can trust Conversely for the best tools to automate your SMS delivery.
  • MMS: smartphones have enabled the sending of specific files and attaching emojis without any additional costs.
  • Contacts: Knowing who texts your brand is excellent customer service. The Conversely SMS tool syncs with Conversely’s Contacts widget for updated phone contact information.

  1. SMS for Microsoft Teams

SMS for Microsoft Teams enables you to send and receive SMS right from your Conversely portal or mobile app. You can use the platform to link with your contacts in Outlook, Active Directory, Sharepoint, etc. And you can also use your company number to converse with prospects and clients alike through SMS or texting right from your phone.

  • Contact manager: enables you to find and message contacts kept in Outlook, AD, Sharepoint, or Express Talk.
  • Existing Business Number: utilize your existing, known number and receive calls directly
  • Virtual and Toll-Free: select a local or toll-free number and enjoy 2-way SMS texting from your devices
  • International numbers: select international numbers that enable you and clients to text and talk through Conversely
  • MMS: send files or emojis directly to customers through SMS without additionals costs  
  1. Chatbots

Modern sales strategies consider chatbots as an exciting texting feature. But did you know they were even a “texting” feature? Chatbots are no longer just managed from a clunky dashboard on your desktop, they can be managed on the go with Conversely easy-to-use apps.  

Chatbots connect your team with your customers immediately and efficiently. Conversely chatbots even connect with (most) CRMs and you can utilize them on your customers preferred channel. You can also utilize past customer data to customize and streamline chatbot conversations.  

  • Real-time chat: start a conversation when your customer is asking to be contacted and answer their questions quickly  
  • Customize conversations: utilize past customer data to keep the conversation running smoothly and close the data loop
  • Template messages: pull answers to commonly asked questions from a template  
  • Build a workflow: Lead your customer or prospect through a funnel via your chatbot by creating custom chatbot workflows  

Background to Conversely

Conversely was created to offer a solution for internal and external communication issues. With multiple applications for a business to learn from, pay for, and manage, the experience was overwhelming.  Luckily, Conversely created a one-stop solution where customers can access all messaging and SMS services under one roof. With over 25 years of experience in the customer service industry, Conversely has the resources to offer the best messaging and SMS services.

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