Remote Processes to Stop Interrupting Your Day-To-Day Business

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Benjamin Kinnett
October 22, 2021
1:57 am

Did you know that remote business processes enhance employee productivity by 77%? The reason these remote processes are necessary are because remote employees have a harder time disconnecting and tend to work for longer hours with more tendency for burnout.

Remote workers can have interruptions ranging from family members to common chores at home. Technical disruptions like internet problems can also keep you out of the loop.

But you can overcome them in your business with these simple strategies so keep reading to explore remote processes to stop your day-to-day business processes.  

Move Your Essential Business Processes to The Cloud

This step can help you optimize your remote business processes. Convert your internal business processes into digital workflows. Save them to the cloud to make them easy to access by all your employees.

This streamlining and digitization also enables your teams to:

  • get updates in real-time
  • track how far your employees are with specific projects
  • share their progress with all the team members for timely feedback
  • automate common tasks and processes
  • free up time in the day to focus on getting things done

Does Your Business Have the Necessary Remote Work Components?

Businesses can enjoy the benefits of remote work processes with the right dashboard and integrative tools. The problem most teams have with an increase in employees working from home, is the need for anywhere from 5 to 15 tools to accomplish what they used to in the office.  

At the bare minimum, a remote work process should have these components:

  • Asynchronous communication channels. These include a similar tool to WhatsApp or slack for instance. You want to enable teams to have ad hoc conversations on matters that don't need real-time responses. These tools can benefit company culture and help your employees overcome loneliness and boredom as they can check on each other every once in a while.
  • Synchronous communication channels. You want to allow your team members to get their high priority questions answered as soon as possible so those common work from home distractions don’t gain priority. This can include video calls and instant message platforms. Audio calls can also enable your employees to send and receive real-time feedback. Previously, these questions may have been answered by simply walking over to a desk, now you need a different solution.  
  • Project management tracking tools. These can enable you to track, assign and manage all tasks and projects remotely. The right project management tool depends on your industry, team size, preference of working, etc. But what is most important is that you find something your team will actually use and it integrates with your various tools.  
  • Digital management tools. These can help you digitize and streamline all your remote business processes. Whether you are an E-commerce business and use Shopify or Bigcommerce or a logistics company and use various shipment and delivery tracking systems - you need one place to connect all of your tools into one digital dashboard.
  • As we mentioned before, cloud storage can help you store all your business documents. It can help you manage data in a central repository. The more you store in the cloud, the easier it is for your team to access education items, process documents, and other daily or weekly templates.  

You can have different management communication tools for your remote business processes depending on the industry. But with all of these tools, the ideal is to create a digital workspace for your team. This can help you access all the components of your remote work on one dashboard.

How do you do that these days with all of the options and all of the tools your team might be using?  

Utilize the Conversely Dashboard  

Conversely offers one dashboard that connects everything from your internal communication (slack channels) to your lead generation (forms/chatbots) to customer support (chatbots/email/video calls) to everything in between.  

Our platform organically integrates with tools like Shopify, Zapier, various CRMs, email systems, etc. to create ONE place for your team to go and communicate internally and externally.  

Not only does Conversely give you a place to connect and analyze all marketing and customer service needs, the contextual collaboration makes communication more intuitive and simple. It can end lag times and lack of information and jumpstart productivity.  

Contextual collaboration tools allow you to keep track of all messages and past communication for any team member to view. So if one prospect or customer needs to be contacted by another employee, there is no disconnect or repeat of information needed. You can manage insights on a specific subject or contact in one place.  

Encourage Employee Engagement

Every business has a work culture. This keeps employees together and working towards similar organizational goals. Sadly, remote business processes can affect this culture when employees feel disconnected. With an integrated dashboard and effective and inclusive communication tools, your employees will enjoy working from home again.  

Another great way to boost engagement is to simply ask your employees their opinions about the challenges of working remotely and to suggest solutions to these problems. With Conversely’s survey abilities you can simply send out a questionnaire right from your integrated dashboard and find the information you’re looking for internally.


Digitizing your remote work processes and encouraging employee collaboration can help you overcome common remote business processes challenges. So, if you need help choosing the most appropriate remote work tools, contact Conversely for professional assistance.

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