The Future of Communication: How to Connect with Your Customers Through Technology

Growth & Marketing
Benjamin Kinnett
October 22, 2021
1:57 am

If you have a business, you have to think about the type of communication that will work best for your customers in a world where anything is at their fingertips. In the digital world, there are many ways that you can use to help get your message across.

Here are the latest technologies that companies use to communicate with clients.

AI in Communication

Every company is conscious of how its customers perceive them. Good communication keeps your customers loyal to your brand. But what happens when you start using artificial intelligence to save time on work?  

Artificial Intelligence can be used in both customer service, prospecting, and social media management. AI automates repetitive tasks, learns from its mistakes, keeps records of everything it does, reminds team members about due dates, and reminds clients about appointments.

Nowadays, many companies are expected to be reachable 24/7. Too often, this obligation is handicapped by customer service representatives that are inundated with customers and unable to provide the customers with what they need or want.  

It’s not just that customer service agents are routinely too busy to answer customers’ questions correctly. Artificial intelligence has become a viable solution for this customer communication.  

AI helps send automated messages to customers, remind them about re-ordering products, remind them about an abandoned cart, and send them notifications. It also allows your non-AI team to pull up relevant information about the client at the drop of a hat so their communication is also better tailored to the customer.  


Chatbots are a tool to help your prospects and customers get the answers they want, when they want it. They can be programmed to take customer service requests or help them find products in your store. You can also use chatbots for marketing purposes, offering promotions or limited time offers for services the customer is looking at.

It's also easy to get feedback or help a prospect or customer quickly by utilizing video in your chatbots. Chatbots are more than just a new way to interface with customers. The ability to start a video chat directly in a bot without taking the user to another platform or asking them to download something makes service quick and easy.  

Chatbots are also good for customer retention, as they can provide consistency across all of your platforms. Conversely uses chatbots to help you connect with customers, automate tasks, video chat and get instant feedback.

SMS Text

It looks like the text marketing will not go away anytime soon. It's still one of the best tools to communicate with clients. And even the most prominent companies use this method to send messages to customers. Simply put, SMS is the past, current, and future of communication.  

Conversely helps you connect with customers by sending marketing or promotional text messages. You can use this tool to send bulk SMS if you have a large client base. You can also use it to send personal offers and messages to prospects and customers depending on where they are in the sales or user funnel.  

Video Conferencing

I’m sure you’ve heard of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms that quickly became the norm during the pandemic. Video conferencing is a great way to connect with your customers, especially if you're the owner of a business and don't have the time to send everyone a customized message.

It's also an excellent way for employees at different branches to meet and share ideas. Or employees to talk one-on-one with a prospect or customer right from your website.  

The biggest advantage of video conferencing is that it has a personal touch because you speak with the customer face-to-face. With video conferencing, your business will be able to grow without spending money on other methods of communication.

That said, ensure you use Conversely to manage your communication with clients via video chat. You no longer need to send a Zoom or Teams link, ask the user to download a software or disallow a pop up blocker. The video chat feature can be started right from the tool.  

Social Media

Social media is a cost-effective and quick way for businesses to connect with their customers. It can help publish company news or answer questions from potential customers.  

With Conversely, you can utilize our chat bot and management tool to be able to manage your brand and communicate with your clients from ONE platform. No more jumping from dashboard to dashboard just to check messages and respond to users.  

New Technologies to Aid Communication With Customers

In this day and age, it’s vital to keep your audience updated and engaged through chatbots, social media, and video conferencing. So staying up-to-date on the latest trends and methods is important. We’ve discussed many ways to do this, but the main tip is to be authentic. The Conversely tools can help streamline your communication and offers, but we recommend transparency and authenticity to make sure your customers know you care and you’re there for them because you want to be.  

Learn more about the Conversely platform with a free trial to see if it’s right for you.  

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