How Panama Transport & Logistics streamlined its operations with Conversely

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Conversely team
October 21, 2021
5:49 am

Company description

Panama Transport & Logistics (PTL) is a freight transportation company committed to providing top quality transportation and on-time deliveries to businesses operating in Panama. As a logistics specialist, PTL understands the importance of saving its customers’ time and money. This is achieved by working in a structured and orderly fashion, prioritizing actions based on the needs of its clients.

While shipments were dealt with, promptly and efficiently, PTL’s paper-based processes were hindering their ability to expedite invoicing and access data real-time. This is how the PTL/Conversely collaboration begins.

The invoicing process was centered on physical documentation collected by the driver at time of delivery. Typically, drivers returned to the PTL office in the city at the end of a shift, resulting in long delays for the team responsible for registering deliveries. Paper documentation was also logged into PTL’s accounting system, so that timely payment could be made.  

Conversely worked closely with PTL to design a custom workflow, that would expedite invoicing, eliminate bottlenecks, automate calculations and provide analytics on the gathered data, also known as data mining.

Conversely solutions

For PTL, its drivers play a crucial role in the invoicing process. Recognizing this, Conversely created a chatbot interaction as part of the driver onboarding process.

The Conversely WhatsApp Business channel interacts with PTL drivers to gather details of the delivery. Information is automatically stored in the Conversely cloud, Conversely’s smart solution then notifies managers that invoicing information has been updated, initiating an approval process.

The Conversely STREAMS workflow calculates shipment prices and costs for PTL’s team. The information collected on every delivery is appended to stored historical data, generating real-time analytics. Real-time analytics has resulted in high availability for PTL drivers and low response times for invoicing.  

Once approved, STREAMS automatically emails documents to the corresponding client in just a few minutes, rather than hours or even days later.

Next steps

Panama Transport & Logistics continues grow, as does the number of products they transport. Currently, Conversely is working with PTL to develop chatbots to support these new products.

Alongside this, new API integrations and routines are being added, notably to their accounting system. Allowing PTL to grow, while keeping their processes efficient.  

For managers, changes like this are transformative: they can now oversee more deliveries, while spending less time on repetitive processes.

This is what Conversely is about. Conversely gives companies the automation and integration capabilities they need to help them focus on growing their businesses further.

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